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Second Ward Hall of Fame


Ernest Cohen, Sr., Mildred Baxter-Davis, Lula Carter, Kenneth Diamond Jr., Vermelle Diamond Ely, Connie Patton, Heywood King, Obie Blackwell, James Grier, Leonard Miller,Sr., Charles Redfern, Beuline Alexander Crawford, Hattie Alexander, James E. Alexander, Mary Alexander, John R. Alexander, Doris Holsey Campbell, Dr. Earline Majors Patrick, Phyllis Ann Baxter, Mary Martin-Jones, Dr. T. Wilkins Davis, The Honorable Warren Turner, Bobby Drakeford, Leon S. Gill Sr, Marcella Digsby Williams,  Michael Pate,  Diane Gill Pate, Sam Brooks Jr.,  William "June" Gill, Bernard Gill,  Michael Gill, William U. Harris, Clara Woodley, Theodore Kennedy, Woodrow Johnson, Delores Giles, Arthur Griffin, Cecelia Johnston, Delores Foster, Gwendolyn Lucus, Price Davis, Bessie Sigler and Willie Mae Sanders Wyche. 

Although any contribution to the Foundation and its projects is gratefully accepted, deciding to become recognized in this special donation level helps support the House and our history missions. 


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